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3. read safety guidelines
4. read the Frequently-Asked-Questions
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updated: Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, 13.00 PM

  1. SEAYouth Festival is a safe space for Young Southeast Asians to voice out their concerns and be connected to each other. The festival has zero tolerance towards hate speech, discrimination, violence, harassment, and any other views and harmful behaviors targeting specific group of people.
  2. The full festival can only be attended by Young Southeast Asians coming from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Timor Leste,Vietnam, and other territories in Southeast Asia. Yo
  3. Participants are youth who are 15 to 35 years of age. However, there will be observers of the festival who are not 15 - 35 years old. Observers cannot participate actively in the festival, especially in the town hall session.
  4. Participants will be given all access to the full 3-day festival through a one-time registration. Once registered and approved by the committee, the participants will be given a unique link to the festival, a link to facebook group, and links to public events.
  5. Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions of the Grand ASEAN Town Hall since their voices will be important to be noted in the collective statement, which would address the key issues presented from the festival. The collective statement of youth will be released on International Day of Democracy (September 15, 2022)
  6. Please take note that by choosing to turn on your video at any point during the event, you are consenting to being on our database archives visually (for archival purposes).
  7. Participants are to practice courtesy, cooperation and kindness to the festival partners, the committee members and other participants at all times. 
  8. In the case of evident speech or behaviors of a bullying, threatening, discriminatory manner towards others, the individual displaying said mannerisms is subject to a warning or removal from the event.
    Please also refer to theDo’s and Don’ts 
  9. In the case of such inappropriate behavior, participants are encouraged to report the matter to the Helpdesk.
    Please refer to the Safety Guidelines 


  • Be active participants & be critical during discussions.
  • Ask questions and really engage with the topic and other participants.
  • Be courteous, cooperative and kind towards everyone involved in the festival.
  • Participate with open-mindedness towards others with different opinions and/or expressions.
  • Use appropriate language in communicating during the festival.
  • Be confident with your English. We understand that English is not native language to most of us and please know that perfect English is a myth.
  • Do proactively report to the committee if you experience and/or are in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Do communicate to the festival committee if you need any assistance to support your participation in the festival.


  • Don’t share your personal information to anyone in the sessions (number, whatsapp, address, passwords, and any other sensitive information).
  • Don’t use offensive words and related forms of communication.
  • Don’t engage in abusive, racist, and/or violent behaviour nor spread hate speech. We do not condone bigotry and any offensive and harmful behaviour, and we do not tolerate them, no exceptions.
  • Don’t spam the chat and withhold from trolling other participants.
  • Don’t engage in business transactions and/or personal promotion at any time during the festival.
  • Don’t record any segment of the festival without the committee’s consent.


In order to ensure the safety of the participants and all parties involved, the organising committee initiated a virtual ‘Helpdeskfor them throughout the 3 day event, where the festival committee members and volunteers will be on stand-by in regards to any concerns or issues participants may have.

What is HelpDesk?
The virtual HelpDesk consists of a team of experts and externals who will be committed to ensure the safeguarding measures as well as the safety and wellbeing of the participants throughout the event. This virtual HelpDesk will be on standby in each and every session of the event. Hence, participants are assured of assistance throughout the event upon request.

How can I report to the HelpDesk?
As mentioned, the event will be held through the Zoom platform. Thus, the HelpDesk Account will be always visible in the general participants list throughout every event session. If participants face any problems or issues pertaining to the event, they can straight away click on the HelpDesk and message the team privately about their concerns. The HelpDesk team will then immediately look into their origin of concern and take the necessary measures in order to solve the problems/issues of the respective participants.

In addition, the Helpdesk can also be used for the following:
- Reporting personal harassment, bullying, threats, and other discriminatory and harmful behavior.
- Reporting any festival technicality issues.
- Requesting verification and/or clarification of concerning matters
- Requesting personal assistance in regards to festival attendance
- Requesting further information and/or resources in relations to partner organizations (eg Partners’ social contacts, Inquiries on the Youth Opportunities.etc)

The participants are encouraged to seek the assistance of the helpdesk at any time during the event without hesitation. We are here to help you, and we are here to keep you safe.



Attending the festival to raise their concern, thoughts, opinion, voices, and perspectives to be included in the SEA Youth Collective Statement 2022. Connect with other youth across Southeast Asia. Making history together for a youth-driven and people-centered Southeast Asia.

As selected participants, you will:
- be able to attend all programs
- receive certificate of participation
- be able to influence statement through discussions in open space and distilling session


For those who never attend the festival as the participants, please fill up Participants Role section in the Application Form and submitting before Friday, 24 June 2022


For those who attended the festival previously, please fill up The SEAYouth Alumni Returning Program form  before Friday, 8 July 2022



The participants who are chosen as speakers will influence the SEA Youth Collective Statement 2022 through Grand ASEAN Youth Town Hall. The speakers must have regional perspectives and able to offer regional recommendations and should be able to speak on the one of the topics of (Overconsumption, Overproduction, & Green Economy or Minority Exclusion & Marginalization) with regional perspectives.

As selected speakers, you will:
- have 5 - 8 minutes presentation time
- receive a certificate of acknowledgment as Speaker in SEAYouth Festival
- work closely with the organizers in preparing the presentation

filling up Participants Role section and Expressing interest in Speakers Role section in the Application Form and submitting before Friday, 24 June 2022



The participants who are chosen as Festival Volunteers will be working closely with the festival team to ensure the success and the democratic space within the festival.

These are available roles for you to take if you are interested in being Festival Volunteers for further role in the festival:

A. MODERATORS, help in moderating the discussion in the open spaces
B. COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES, ensure the reporting and coordinate with Festival Team and Drafting Team on behalf of youth of a country

filling up Participants Role section and Expressing Interest in Festival Volunteers Role section in the Application Form and submitting before Friday, 24 June  2022



People or youth who missed the application deadlines or cannot be granted the role as Participants can still attend the festival through public events as Public Observers. Some observers might be granted limited "direct access" to the festival by the festival team.

No registration needed. Stay tuned on our social media for info to attend the festival as public observers.