Shane Bhatla

Shane Bhatla (He/Him) has been working in the non-profit sector for over 3 years now. He started his career in Film and videos to work on LGBTQ+ films and queer inclusive documentaries. His idea was to share stories that are often unheard and unseen. He later realized that he could do that through comedy. After coming out in 2016 as trans masculine, he struggled with employment and finding inclusive spaces to perform his comedy in. He later joined a non-profit organization and led the trans* and education initiatives. With the idea of leaving no child behind and drive and commitment to create a safer space in the education environment in schools in Thailand, Shane teamed up with students from multiple international schools in Bangkok to create SEEN Asia to create inclusive spaces and a more accepting environment in education through changes in policies and adaptation of curriculum. Shane is also heavily involved with conversations around mental health, especially trans* mental health. He is now working with Equal AF as a project coordinator and involved in projects with climate change adaptation and mental health.